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Your Email Has Disappeared. How to Check Your Mailflow

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Your email has disappeared.  There could be a number of reasons why this has happened, so here are a few steps to try before you contact tech support.

First, confirm if the message is on the PoliteMail Server.

1. Stuck in  Scheduled Sends
Go to Outlook > Inbox > PoliteMail > Campaigns > Scheduled Sends

All messages enter this view briefly when sent through the server regardless if they are scheduled.  If it is stuck here it is likely disabled.
Select the row, scroll to the right, select Edit.

Go to the 2nd column
Check On the checkbox
**If the message is already checked, it is likely waiting or currently replicating for delivery.
Click Save/Update

If this doesn’t solve the problem, move on to Step 2 and check to see whether the message is stuck in Mailflow.

2. Stuck in Mailflow   **Please note only admins can start and stop mailflow
Go to PoliteMail > Settings > My Profile

Scroll to the bottom of the screen under Preferences and click on View Server Information.

Under SMTP Service look at Message in Queue, if it is not 0 (zero), these message are stuck on the PoliteMail Server.
If this is the case, also confirm under SMTP Service START is grayed out and STOP is not.
If START is not grayed out and STOP is, click START.

3. Is this message recording results?
If it is recording results it may still be delivering from the internal mail system, if the report is stating 0 (zero), try updating it manually
Click here to learn how to manually update your report.

4.  Stuck in transit
If the above options are clear, the message is likely stuck in the exchange, in this case your IT team will be able to assist and release the messages.

Not in the above solutions?  There may be another cause.

5.  Sent Without Tracking Enabled
If this message was sent from a draft, tracking may not have been enabled, please confirm if anyone has received the message
*Note – If using PoliteMail lists, Exchange will not recognize the email address on the list and will not deliver to those recipients,
However any individuals or Distribution lists will receive the untracked message.

6. Never made it to the PoliteMail Server
This indicates a connection issue to the PoliteMail Server.  Closing Outlook, clearing your cache, and then reauthenticating into PoliteMail will provide a fresh connection.  Click here to learn how to clear your cache

To Re-Authenticate PoliteMail  go to Outlook > PoliteMail > Server Connection > Press OK

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