Why Was Only Part Of My Distribution List Sent To? Or PoliteMail Reports All Of The List As Sent, But I’m Only Seeing A Few Opens?

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Diagnosing Send Issues

Typically when we see inconsistent send behavior, (e.g. the mailing went to 3,500 of 5,000 recipients) it is related to send permissions issues on specific Distribution Lists [DL(s)].

Often, a DL will contain sub-groups, and sometimes the permissions on those groups may be different from the container group.

When sent locally (via Outbox) the user must have permission to send to the specific list(s). When sent via the PoliteMail Server, the Exchange Service Account must have adequate permissions to expand the members of the DL.

You can test for permission on the local machine (Outlook Outbox) by:

1) Set PoliteMail > Connection Settings > Server to send via Outlook Outbox
2) Select the proper From Account
3) Put the distribution group into the To: field, and add email content (or test content)
4) Use PoliteMail > Schedule Send, and set the day for some day in the future (which will queue the messages in the Outbox, and not send them)
5) Select 1to1 with Tracking and Send
PoliteMail should process the list, and the Outbox item count should represent the total number of recipients. Often, if there is a permissions error on a sublist, the send will be interrupted and only a partial number will be put into the Outbox.
6) Open the Outbox, and Ctrl-A to select All and Delete

If the send fails to complete, another test is to redo the steps above, and just prior to send, click the [+] symbol next to the distribution group name in the To: field to expand the distribution group(s). Click the [+] for any sub-groups, then click Send to see if the behavior changes (or if you receive an Outlook error dialog when trying to manually expand the groups).

You can test for permission on the PoliteMail Server by:

The Service Account established for the PoliteMail Server must have adequate permissions to expand the distribution groups, and send. You can test this process using the PoliteMail Server Manager tool.

1) Start the tool, and click on: Exchange Web Services.

2) Provide your Exchange Version Number (2007, 2010, 2010SP1+)
Enter the Service Account UserName and Password
Enter the Exchange Server Domain name (e.g. domain.com) and Host name of the Exchange (e.g. exmail).

3) Next to the Expand Group button, enter the distribution group name. If the group is expected to contain nested groups, click the checkbox for ‘Recursive’ and then click ‘Expand Group’ button.

PoliteMail Server will now expand the group. The window below should show the recipient addresses and on the very bottom should provide the total count.

How to check for an Exchange Synchronization issue:

If the permissions test pass, then the problem is most likely a result of processing a large volume of email through the Outlook Outbox.

This issue would relate to “PoliteMail says it sent to all 5,000 recipients, but only 5 people opened”

For sends of 1,500 or more, we do not recommend using the Outbox.

Ideally that user would have PoliteMail > Connection Settings > Server to send via the PoliteMail Server. Please note that his option requires an Exchange Service Account be activated on the server-side (talk to your PoliteMail Server Manager for more details).

Sometimes, when sending high volumes of email through the Outbox, Exchange will throw a synchronization error, which will halt the PoliteMail send process. In this case, PoliteMail would report the total quantity were “sent” because it had completed its processing of the distribution group, but when writing to the Outbox, Exchange had an error which interrupted the send.

In the case, the user would not see the total quantity of messages written to the Outbox (e.g. per the example, only 5 of the 5,000 messages would go into the Outbox).

You can look for these errors on the local machine.

First, identify the time and date of the problematic send (from sent items). Then go to the Outlook folder view, and open the Sync Issue folder, and look for the error log for that same date/time. If you open that, you may see errors, and if you have one that matches the send date/time, drag that into a support message (PoliteMail > Request Support> and send it to us and we can examine it in detail.

Outlook Folder View

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