Using the Opt-Out Feature in PoliteMail

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The opt-out feature removes the contact from ALL mailing lists.  If you’d like your recipients to have a choice in which lists they would like to subscribe to, please click here to read about PoliteMail’s subscription feature.  Please note this feature is only available in PoliteMail version 19.4.9.

Customizing Your Opt-Out Page

It’s a good idea to begin by customizing your Opt-out page.  Go to the PoliteMail from the Outlook Ribbon and choose Settings > Opt-out.  (If using PoliteMail version 19.4.9, this will be under Settings > Subscription)

Now you can begin to customize your Opt-out page.  Choose Modify.

You can add a company logo and fill out the text fields to personalize your opt-out page.  If you add a logo, make sure you click Upload to add the logo to the PoliteMail server.  You can also Preview your page.  


When you have finished, click Save.

Now you have the option to include your custom Opt-out page on every message you send out, or to apply it to specific messages.

If you want the Opt-out page to appear on every message you send out, go to PoliteMail > Settings > Preferences.  Check the box next to Enable Opt-Out (Enable Subscription in version 19.4.9).

If you want the Opt-Out page to appear on specific messages, select New Email from the Outlook Ribbon.  Under the PoliteMail flag drop-down menu, choose Enable Opt-Out (Subscriptions in 19.4.9).  Your opt-out message will now appear at the bottom of your email.

Depending on which tracking mode you are using, you can compile a list of opt-outs to remove them from Distribution Lists.  For more information about creating subscription lists and exporting opt-outs, click here

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