Using the Opt-In Feature in PoliteMail

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Using the Opt-In Feature in PoliteMail gives the recipient the choice to continue receiving emails from you.  Every Mailing List you create can have it’s own custom Opt-In page.  To begin, create a Mailing List in PoliteMail by going to PoliteMail Ribbon > Lists > Mailing Lists.

You can either import a mailing list you’ve created in another application like Excel, or you can create a new list and populate it manually.

Name your Mailing List and then click the Edit button on the far-right.  Change the Subscription tab from No to Yes to enable Opt-in functions.  Hit Update when you’re finished.

Now go to Actions > View Opt-In Settings

Editing Your Opt-In Page

Click Modify to make changes.

There will be several fields to personalize your Opt-In page.  When you are finished, click Save Opt-In Settings.  This custom Opt-In page will be associated with your mailing list.

Adding the Opt-In page to an email


In the Mailing Lists grid view, go to Actions > View Opt-In Page.






This will bring you to your customized opt-in page you created.  *You must copy this link and paste it into your email for the opt-in page to be included in the email. *

Go to Outlook > New Message > PoliteMail > Send to List and choose your mailing list. 

Write the content of your message, and then click Paste to paste the link to the opt-in page.  This will create a long hyperlink.  To edit it, select it, right click on it, and then choose Link.  In the Text To Display field, enter a shorter name.

Now your email should be ready to send.  Your recipients will now have the option to opt-in.

Using Opt-In will allow your user to subscribe that specific list.  If you’d like your recipients to have a choice on which list they subscribe to, consider using PoliteMail’s Subscription feature, which can be found in version 19.4.9.  Click here to learn about the new subscription feature.

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