Updating Metrics Reports

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We’ve added functionality that will change the status of the report to “Updating” when the report is getting updated.

  • When you first open a report – you will see a line like below:
  • When you click on Update – you will see a line like below:

Note: This new window may not react while it says Updating Report.

Why did we do this? Users have reported that messages sent to high volumes of recipients or that have many reporting segments find the metrics take a long time to load or can crash Outlook. This new feature allows for the message “refresh” to be put into queue for the report to be updated based on the archiving schedule. This archive schedule is kicked off every minute. However, if there are other items in queue to be updated (other messages, segments to be created, etc.) this may delay the report from being updated at that exact moment. Users will need to go back into the report at a later time once the update has completed. This new process prevents the “report update” behavior from crashing or causing Outlook to hang.

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