Server Maintenance for Cloud Customers; Changing Your IP Address

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For our existing corporate cloud customers, you may have already implemented these changes at your site with your old PoliteMail Server IP. Once your server maintenance is completed, your PoliteMail Server IP will change. For your convenience, here are the areas where you may need to add the new PoliteMail Server IP to ensure a seamless transition.

Using our branded domain option?

  • Branded domain: If using A record within your DNS, update and point to the new IP

Have a dedicated receive connector set up in Office365?

  • Update the Exchange receive connector or the SMTP delivery endpoints that are configured.

Using on-premise or hybrid Exchange?

  • Use Exchange PowerShell to set to the email header to Internal & add the new IP to your list of internal SMTP servers

Using Exchange Online Protection (EOP)?

  • Use a command to set the email header X-MS-ExchangeOrganization-SCL to -1 to prevent Outlook from content filtering your internal email into the Junk folder.

Using a spam filter such as Proofpoint, Barracuda, or IronPort in addition to EOP?

  • Add an exception for messages coming from your new PoliteMail Server IP

Using Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?

  • Add your new PoliteMail Server IP to your SPF record


For further information, this pdf file explains how to set-up and configure your systems to connect with your PoliteMail Corporate Cloud Services Account.

Download the PoliteMail Corporate Cloud Services Account Set-up Guide



If you’re having any issues changing your IP address, contact our service team at


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