Sending Yourself And Your Colleagues Test Messages With PreFlight Test Send

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For a video tutorial explaining this feature, click here

We recommend sending a test message to yourself and a colleague before pushing out a large message or campaign.

The Preflight Test Send feature allows users to test a completed message prior to sending. Users can check the design and flow on both desktop and mobile, as well as links and smart attachments within the message.

To utilize this feature, navigate to PoliteMail Button > PreFlight Test Send*

PoliteMail will create a duplicate of the message in a separate window. Distribution Lists will be removed and the only recipient will be the user/sender. The subject line will also now begin with “PREVIEW

You may add other recipients to preview or approve the message and then click Send. The original completed email message will remain open during this process. You can save it as a draft while reviewing the test send if you want to be sure not to lose it.

Within 30-60 seconds you should receive the PREVIEW message in your inbox, exactly as it will appear when sent to final recipients. Open and review the email.

Make any needed changes to the original completed email (still open or saved as a draft) and then send to final recipients.

*In version 4.6 of PoliteMail, Preflight Test Send can be found under the PoliteMail tab in the message window, on the right side of the ribbon.

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