Sending Outlook File Attachments

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You can send regular file attachments with PoliteMail—just use Outlook’s standard Attach Filecommand.

You can save file attachments within templates as well. For example, if you have standard follow-up material you send as email attachments in response to a product inquiry, you can save that entire message with attachments as a template.

These regular file attachments are NOT tracked by PoliteMail. Note that for some recipients, certain types of file attachments (e.g. exe files) and attachments with a file size over 2MB or 5MB will be blocked by the recipients mail server. In some cases this means the recipient gets the email message, but the file attachment is not there, or it could mean the entire message is blocked at the server level and not delivered.

To improve tracking and deliverability of file attachments, try the PoliteMail Smart Attachment feature. This will upload your file attachment, server it from the PoliteMail Server, and include it in the email as a link. This keeps your email size small and fast, and enables you to track when your recipient opens the file.

Accepted file types for Images and Smart Attachments

Sending PoliteMail

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