Scheduling Tracked Messages To Send At Specific Date And Time

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For a video tutorial about Scheduling using Time-Zone Sending, click here

The Scheduled Send feature in PoliteMail allows users to schedule a tracked message to be sent at a future date and time. The message gets sent from Outlook and is then held securely within the PoliteMail Server before it is released at the scheduled date/time. PoliteMail does not require the sender of the email message to be online at the time of release.

To Schedule a tracked message for future release, compose the message in Outlook, then select the PoliteMail Button > Schedule Send*

In version 4.6 of PoliteMail, Scheduled Send can be found under the PoliteMail tab in the message window, on the right side of the ribbon.

Scheduling a Send in Your Time Zone

  1. In the Schedule Send Dialog box you have the choice whether to schedule the email to send using your time zone, or the recipient’s time zone.  To schedule a send on your time zone, simply click the radio button next to Your Time Zone.  Check the Schedule Send For box and enter in the date you want the email to send.
  2. Select Save. Click Send.

NOTE: This will send your message to the PoliteMail server.  You must hit SEND or the message will remain a draft.

If the PoliteMail user is in Boston in summer, it will be sent at 9:30AM Eastern (UTC -5).  For recipients in Seattle and San Jose this will be 6:30AM Pacific (UTC -7).  This also means the recipients will receive the message +/- the hours in their time zone.

Scheduling a Send in The Recipient’s Time Zone

The Scheduled Send option uses the recipients Outlook working hours and auto-schedules the broadcasts by time zone.  This type of staggered delivery can be especially helpful for multiple offices around the country, or around the world.  It ensures consistency for messages that are time sensitive, or targeted to be read at specific times of the day.  This option works with Individual tracking in PoliteMail version 4.8, and both Individual and Anonymous tracking in version 4.9 and above.

For example, if HR sends out an email about updating emergency contact info and their goal is to have the message read after lunch, they can choose this option and set delivery for 2:00PM.  This will ensure that the message is delivered at 2:00PM inside of the recipient’s respective time zone.

  1. Click Recipient’s Time Zone and set the date you want to email to be delivered.
  2. Check Schedule Send and enter in the date and time you want the email delivered.
  3. Click Save.  Then click Send to schedule the message.

Scheduling a Send During the Recipient’s Working Hours

Along with the first two options, there is a box that will allow the Sender to make sure the message only gets delivered inside of the recipient’s working hours.  This can be beneficial for critical messages to be delivered when the employee is scheduled to work, and also help to not disturb an employee if they have emails forwarded to their mobile device during off hours.

If the scheduled delivery time falls outside of the recipient’s working hours, PoliteMail will delay the delivery until their next available working hour.

When working hours are unknown, PoliteMail uses the recipient’s time zone according to their most recent Open. If no recent open exists, PoliteMail will default to the sender’s time zone.

NOTE: Working hours are based on what has been set inside of Outlook.  More information on this Outlook feature can be found here

A user can also add an additional time zone if they expect to working in a different time zone.  This can be found under File > Options > Calendar and scrolling down to Time Zones.


Accessing the Scheduled Message

  1. Select the PoliteMail tab within your Outlook window
  2. Select Campaigns > Scheduled Sends.  Scheduled Sends always create a campaign.
  3. You should see a line item for the Scheduled Message – click to select the message
  4. If you scroll to the right you will see an Edit button that will allow you to edit the message subject line, scheduled date and time, and/or from line. If you make any changes be sure to scroll back over to the right and click on Update to save your changes
  5. With the message selected you can also send a Preflight Test Send or delete the scheduled send by clicking on the X to the right of Actions

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