Saving a Sent Message as a PDF

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Please note that you should always work with the sent message from the sent folder, to utilize the message before the PoliteMail server has processed and referenced the email.

  1. In the Sent Outlook folder, open the sent email to be saved as a PDF
  2. Click to place your cursor into the body of the email
  3. Press CTRL + A to select the entire body of the email
  4. Press CTRL + C to copy the body of the email
    Note: This may take time if there is a lot of content being copied to the clipboard.
  5. Open a blank Word Document
  6. Under the Layout tab, Choose Margins > Custom Margins… set the margins to 0 all around
    (Click ignore if an error pops up about exceeding the print area)
  7. Click to place your cursor in the blank Word document
  8. CTRL + V to paste the document with current formatting into the document.  If using Office 2016, right-click and choose Paste Options:Keep Source Formatting (second option)
    Note: This may take time if there is a lot of content being copied from the clipboard.
  9. Under the Layout tab select Breaks > Continuous
  10. Save the document as a Word Document (to allow for graphics to be placed in the correct locations).
  11. Save the document as a PDF

If using Office 2016, another option is to use Microsoft Print to PDF.  Go to File > Print and choose Microsoft Print to PDF.  You will then be prompted to save the output as a PDF file.




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