Remove Open Tracking For Sending Messages via Text on a Mobile Device

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Removing Open Tracking will allow Users to send a message via text to mobile devices.  These messages are meant to be viewed in the form of a text message and therefore are limited to 150 characters total.

A new Distribution List will need to be created with the recipients’ phone numbers and their service providers.  You may need to work with your IT team to collect that data.

Once the information is obtained, the recipient’s phone number becomes their email address, while the at (@) address varies from carrier to carrier.  Here are the major cell phone service providers:

Example: 207-867-5309 through AT&T would be added as

Create a DL with the new information.  See this article for the steps involved:

Go to Outlook > New Email > PoliteMail Flag to turn tracking on(See here for more information about turning Tracking on:

Then select the Politemail Flag drop-down.

Select Remove Open Tracking

Compose the message (150 characters or less) and send to your mobile-specific DL with the recipients’ mobile information.

Sending a message this way will remove PoliteMail’s tracking beacon for emails while still tracking the content of the message.

NOTE: The metrics will only show the numbers for Open and Click Through.  All of the opens will be recorded as mobile devices.

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