PoliteMail Settings in a New Email

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When you open a New Email in Outlook, you will be presented with a PoliteMail icon – a yellow flag with a pull-down menu – from which you can apply several functions.

Preflight Test Send

The PreFlight Test Send will create an exact copy of the current message addressed to yourself, as a test that will allow you to verify the content, layout and links. The subject will be preceded with PREVIEW.  Click here to learn more about PreFlight Test Send

Suppress Auto-Replies

Suppress Auto-Replies will suppress all automatic emails (i.e. Out of Office replies) for a particular message only, and works when using Global contacts from your Exchange Server within your internal domain.

Remove Open Tracking

Remove Open Tracking will still track links in messages but will omit the tracking image.  This is used for sending PoliteMail messages to mobile devices.  For a directory of mobile addresses, please click here

Treat All Recipients As Lists

Treat All Recipients As Lists will attempt to expand each recipient as if it were a list. Useful when only the smtp alias of a list is available in the Global Address list.

Schedule Send

Schedule Send will enable you to set a specific future date and time for this message to be sent, including if the recipient is in a different time-zone. You will still click Send, and the message will be queued on the PoliteMail Server. The Scheduled message(s) may be viewed, rescheduled or deleted from the Campaigns > Schedule Sends POLITEMAIL tab.   For more about time-zone sending, please click here.

Get Recipient Count

Get Recipient Count will provide a count of total recipients for the email.   The recipient count will match the unique number of recipients and will not include duplicates.

Enable Opt-Out/Enable Unsubscribe (v.4.9+)

This feature will insert an opt-out footer into your email that allows recipients to opt-out or unsubscribe from future mailings.

For more about modifying an Opt-Out footer, click here.

For more about creating a Subscription list, click here.

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