Inserting Videos In Tracked Messages

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Note: Outlook doesn’t currently allow videos to be embedded to play within an email message, but you can use PoliteMail’s “Add Image” feature to add a video thumbnail to your email and hyperlink it to a hosting site where your video content resides. PoliteMail will automatically create a tracked URL which will record the clicks for your sent message.

We recommend finding an image that appears to be a playable video. You may want to use a screen capture from the online video site or have a creative designer provide an image with a play button.

To add the image and video link within your message:

  1. Position your cursor where you want to add the image, go to the PoliteMail tab and choose “Add Image” to insert as a PoliteMail referenced image.

2.  Copy the video link.  Right-click on the image and choose Link.

3.  Paste the video link into the Address field 


4.  Be sure to send yourself a Preflight Test Send to check the links before sending.

5.  Now when a recipient clicks on the picture, they will be taken the site you specified in the hyperlink.  Using PoliteMail’s tracking metrics, you’ll be able to determine how many people clicked on the link and likely viewed the video.

Note: If you have difficulty with the PoliteMail referenced link to the video (locally hosted videos), you may want to change the link so that it isn’t tracked – see this article.

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