HTML Personalization via Importing a Custom Field

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Enable HTML Personalization

PoliteMail gives you the option to import a customized field with HTML code from a .csv file and have this field appear as a Personalization option in your PoliteMail email messages.
Your first step is to enable HTML Personalization on your Server. On-premise clients can view this from the server; if you’re on a cloud installation, please contact PoliteMail Support to have this enabled. * Go to PoliteMail Management Console > Advanced.

Enter <add key=”AllowhtmlPersonalization” value=”True” />

*Note – If using a multi-server configuration, please add this key to the PoliteMailSendService.exe (config) instead of the PoliteMail Server Manager

Set Up Your Custom Fields

It’s helpful to set up your Custom Fields in PoliteMail before you import your lists. Navigate to PoliteMail > Settings > Custom Fields. You can type in the name for your new Column (we’ll use Image 1 as an example), as well as decide whether it should be shown in the default view, able to be segmented for reports, made editable, and what sequence order it should be displayed in by ticking the boxes. Once you’ve finished Editing, click Update.

You now have your Custom Field ready to use.

Importing the CSV File

Now go to your mailing list and add a column for your HTML. Name this column Image 1 and fill out the appropriate HTML. Save your file as a .csv.

Next, go to PoliteMail > Lists > Mailing Lists. Go to Import > CSV

Under the Import Contacts dialogue window, on the second page you will choose Image 1 under the Custom Field pull-down menu.

Now you will have your list imported with the HTML code assigned to the Custom Field.

Inserting a Custom HTML in a PoliteMail Message

Compose your email in PoliteMail and put the mailing list in the To: field. Tracking must be set to Individual or Anonymous. Where you want the HTML to be inserted, place your cursor, and then go to PoliteMail > Personalize > Custom. You will see Image 1 listed among the available fields.

Choose that, and then your HTML will appear in your PoliteMail message as whatever number Custom Field you have assigned to it in brackets.

How it appears on the recipient side:

Each HTML placeholder will need to have it’s own dedicated Custom Field. PoliteMail provides 20 Custom Fields. In subsequent emails, the user will need to change the HTML code in the Image1 field to upload new images.

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