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How To Use Appointment Tracking

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For a video tutorial explaining this feature, click here.

What is Appointment Tracking?

PoliteMail’s Appointment Tracking allows users to use PoliteMail features in scheduling meetings in Outlook’s Calendar. Appointment Tracking is only available with Outlook 2016 and newer. In addition, all recipients must have trust with the sending server. Furthermore, the user must have the PoliteMail server selected under the Server Connection window when logging in.  If you have send through Outbox selected, the PoliteMail flag will not appear.  With Appointment Tracking a user can:

• Track Outlook Appointment items
• View reports on tracked meetings
• Add PoliteMail personalization to meeting invites
• Differentiate between appointments and messages in reports
• Show metrics for accepts, declines, and tentative responses in appointment reports

How to Track a Meeting

Click on the Outlook calendar icon to access your calendar. Click New Meeting.

In the New Meeting window, you will see the PoliteMail flag appear in the upper left-hand corner. Click on the flag to turn Tracking on.

Fill out your meeting details like subject, location, and recipients. When you have finished, click Send.

You also have the option to add some of PoliteMail’s features, such as Personalization, Add Image, and Smart Attachments to your meetings. Click on the PoliteMail Tab in the Outlook Ribbon at the top to access the features.

Reading Appointment Tracking Metrics

Go to PoliteMail > Results > Messages to access your list of tracked messages.  You can use the pull-down menu to filter the list to display messages you have personally sent.  You’ll notice that appointment tracking uses a different icon than message tracking.  Double click on the message to access the metrics page.

Once you get to the metrics page, you’ll notice 4 new metrics at the top of the page. These metrics have tracked those who have accepted, declined, replied tentatively, or who are pending.


If you’re using Individual Tracking, you can click on the category of the metric to drill down to the individuals who have responded. With this information, you could send a follow up email, or export the recipients to a list.

Note:  There is a bug when the user has the Embed All Images option turned on in Preferences.  Appointment Tracked items will embed the image which means the size of the message will increase. The recipient will still see the referenced image.  This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release of PoliteMail.

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