How To Edit The Content Manager

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The Content Manager holds all of your saved content and can be accessed by going to PoliteMail in the Outlook Ribbon and then selecting Content.  All content can be searched by using the Search field.

The names of any piece of content can be edited by clicking on the Edit button, and then hitting Update when finished.

You can perform actions like Sharing, Owner assignment, and Group Management by clicking on the Actions pull-down menu.

Editing Links and Smart Attachments

PoliteMail gives you the option to edit any Link or Smart Attachment that has already been sent in a tracked email.  Changing the URL will redirect any future clicks from emails previously sent containing that tracked link.  To change a Link, select the link by clicking on it.  Now hit the Edit button.  You can now change both the URL and the Link Text.  Click Update when done.

To edit a Smart Attachment, select the attachment by clicking on it.  Navigate to the Actions pull-down menu and choose Replace.

Note: Hitting Edit in the Smart Attachment tab will only allow you to change the name of the link.  You need to use the Replace feature in order to change the content completely.

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