How to clear your Internet Explorer cache

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Sometimes when connecting to the PoliteMail Server, typically after an update to Outlook or PoliteMail, you login credentials may fail, despite being accurate.

This is typically due to an Internet Explorer cache issue. The solution is to clear your IE cache (as Outlook only utilizes IE, it doesn’t matter what browser you use, you must clear the IE cache).

If you are using IE9 or later (see below for IE8 or earlier):
1. Close Outlook and open Internet Explorer

2. Click the gear button at the top right (under the red close window button)
3. Select the Safety menu option, then Delete browsing history
4. In the Delete Browsing History dialog, select just the Temporary Internet Files

5. Click the Delete button at the bottom
6. Close IE and restart Outlook

If you are using IE8 or earlier, to get to the Delete Browsing History dialog, start from the IE menu, select Tools, then Delete Browsing History…


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