How to Add and Edit Custom Fields From Imported Lists

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Each mailing List allows you to add up to 20 Custom Fields.  This can be particularly helpful when sending messages to branches in different locations, or to address recipients by their job title (managers, district managers, etc.)

Navigate to PoliteMail >Settings> Custom Fields

Click on the Custom Field you want to add and click Edit.

You can type in the name for your new Column, as well as decide whether it should be shown in the default view, able to be segmented for reports, made editable, and what sequence order it should be displayed in by ticking the boxes.  Once you’ve finished Editing, click Update.

You now have your Custom Field ready to use.

As long as that field correlates to a field on your imported list, it will be available to use under the Personalization.

Simply select PoliteMail Personalize > Custom and select the field.  PoliteMail will automatically insert the information when the message is sent.

Your Custom Field can also be used when importing a list.  Just make sure you have the Custom Field set up both in PoliteMail, and as a column in Excel before exporting it as a .csv.  In this example, I want to view what the Membership Status is on my list.  Create a Membership Status Custom Field in PoliteMail and then one in Excel.

How it looks in PoliteMail

How it looks in Excel


When you import, you’ll be presented with an Import Contacts dialogue window.  On the second page, when you are asked to map your import to PoliteMail data fields, you’ll see the pull-down menu will say “Do not import” on any data field that does not correlate to one of PoliteMail’s default ones.  If you open the pull-down menu, you should see your Custom Field listed there.

For more information about importing and editing Lists, click here.

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