Exporting Results/Metrics to Excel

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PoliteMail gives you the option to export your metrics to an Excel spreadsheet.  To begin, go to PoliteMail > Results > Messages.  If you have grouped your messages into Campaigns, you can select Campaigns.

By default, PoliteMail will export everything that is displayed on the Message Grid.  You can narrow this list down either by searching by User under the All Users pull-down menu, or using the Search bar to narrow your results by keyword.

To export the metrics of specific messages, put a checkmark next to the messages.  You can hold down the Control key to select multiple messages.  Then, click on Email Metrics.

From the Metrics view, you can click the Excel link to export.


If you click on the number link after Sent, you’ll be brought to another list view with only those messages selected.  From here, you can go to Actions > Export to export these messages to Excel.

For information on how to export Mailing Lists, click here

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