Creating a PoliteMail MSI Installer Package

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Creating a MSI installer package for managed deployment is a simple process executing commands against the integrated PoliteMail Client installer and then, once installed, registering the PoliteMail DLLs with the PoliteMail InstallUtility.exe application. The PoliteMail InstallUtility executable is available on systems that already have the PoliteMail Client installed or available separately upon request. For systems with PoliteMail client installed, the default location is:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Salestream Software\PoliteMail v4


The default directory above will be used in this document.


Creating the MSI installer package


To begin, create a staging directory in an easily accessible location, such as C:\SETUP, and copy the PoliteMail installer executable (client.exe) into this directory.


Then open a command prompt as Administrator and execute the following command, making special note of the spacing:


C:\SETUP>client.exe /s /x /b”C:\SETUP” /v”/qn”


This command extracts the PoliteMail client MSI from the InstallShield executable.


An MSI named PoliteMail Client v7.6.msi will now appear in the C:\SETUP staging directory


PoliteMail can now be deployed to end user systems in abidance with your organization’s requirements. Please note that manual installation of the MSI is not supported, and Administrator privileges are required for CLI installation (e.g. CMD or PowerShell must be running as Admin). The install can be invoked by executing the following command, using the \q flag for quiet installation:


C:\SETUP>”PoliteMail Client v4.7.msi” /q


Registering the DLLs post-deployment


After deploying the PoliteMail client via the MSI installer package, the DLLs must be registered on the local machine.


C:\SETUP>cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Salestream Software\PoliteMail v4


This command changes the directory to the location of the InstallUtility.exe.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Salestream Software\PoliteMail v4>InstallUtility.exe /i /Verbose


This command registers the DLLs for the PoliteMail client for the local machine.


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