Creating a Contact List with Filters

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What is a Filter?

A Filter is a list of search parameters that are used to generate a list of contacts.  By using Filters, you can quickly create and manage groups of contacts.  For example, you could create a list of contacts that are grouped by manager.  Or, you could create a list of contacts that are grouped by location.

How to Set Filters using Custom Fields

PoliteMail provides users with 20 Custom Fields.

Navigate to PoliteMail >Settings> Custom Fields

Click on the Custom Field you want to add and click Edit.

You can type in the name for your new Column, as well as decide whether it should be shown in the default view, able to be segmented for reports, made editable, and what sequence order it should be displayed in by ticking the boxes.  Once you’ve finished Editing, click Update.

You now have your Custom Field ready to use.

In order to have specific Custom Fields display as options for filtering, you must check the “Show” column.

Click here to learn more about Custom Fields.

Creating a Filtered List

Within the PoliteMail tab, click on the Lists icon.

To create a new Contact List using a filter, select the “New” dropdown and then select “Filtered List”. 

From here you’ll be able to name your list and provide a description.  Under the “Filter by Custom Field Values” title you’ll see all the custom fields you have created. Prior to creating the filtered list, I checked the “Show” box next to the Manager, Region, and Timezone Custom Fields. Check which ones you’d like to create the list from.  In this example, I want to make a list of contacts who are managed by Joe Smith and are in the Eastern Time Zone.

At the bottom of the page you are able to view how many contacts will be selected after the filter is created. 

When you are done, simply select the save button and a new Contact List will be generated using the filter that you just created. 

Syncing Your Filters

If you want to ensure that all of your contact lists are using up to date contacts based on your filters, use the sync button from the Lists page.  This will force the filters to update the contact lists using the most recent contact information.

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