All Contacts Not Showing Up In the Metrics Report

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You’ve sent a PoliteMail message and now when you check your metrics report, it’s only displaying metrics for some of your contacts.

This usually happens when your contacts have different owners.  When you import a list, or manually update an existing list in PoliteMail, you have the option to assign an owner to the contacts.

Setting the ownership to All Users will ensure that you and everyone in your Group will see the metrics for all the contacts you sent messages to.

If your contacts ownership is set to a particular user, then only that user and the Admin will be able to see the metrics or messages sent to those contacts .

You can also change ownership of entire lists in the Message Grid.  First, you will need to enable the Owner column in the Grid.  Go to the pulldown menu in any of the columns and then choose Columns > Owner

Once the Owner column appears, scroll over to the far-right and click Edit.  Now you should be able to assign the owner to All Users.

You can also change individual Contacts.  Go to the contact name in the Contact or Message Grid and double click on it.  In the dialogue window, click on the More Details tab.  You can now change the ownership.

For more information about importing Lists and Contacts, click here

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