Adding, Replacing, Migrating, and Deleting Users

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Note: To perform any of these tasks, you must have Admin privileges.  If you are not an Admin, please contact your local PoliteMail Administrator for assistance.

To add, delete, or replace a user there are a few simple steps to follow.  However before taking any action, we recommend double-checking the number of licenses you have available to cover your needs.

To do so, navigate to the Outlook > PoliteMail > Settings > Users.  On the menu bar, the number of licenses used will appear next to the total number of licenses.

To Add a New User:

Select New from the menu and fill in the employee information in the pop-up window.

Select Save.

To Migrate a User:

Place a checkmark next to the name of the contact you want to migrate.  Click the X at the top of the menu.

Now you will get a pop-up window asking if you’d like to migrate or delete the user.  We always recommend migrate in order to keep data and content intact.  Once you click Migrate, you’ll be prompted to enter in the name of the user you are migrating data to.

To Reassign a License:

Double-click on the name of the person who will be transferring their license to someone new.  In the pop-up window, swap out the existing user’s info for the new user’s info.  We also recommend selecting Reset to assign a brand-new password for the user.

Select Save.

To Delete a User:

Please Note: Deleting a user from PoliteMail will permanently delete this user and their history from your PoliteMail account. Any content owned by that user, including PoliteMail Results, will be deleted permanently. We recommend re-assigning licenses or migrating users instead of deleting a user entirely.

Select a user from the list and click on their name.  Make sure the row becomes highlighted and the furthest box on the left is checked.  Select the ‘X’ button on the menu bar.

On the next window, confirm the deletion.

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