Adding Personalization to a Message

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PoliteMail’s Personalize feature allows you to address each individual recipient by name, making the individualized messages of a list mailing appear as a personal message addressed just to them. You can also use personalization fields to data you have imported for each contact into the email (e.g. company name or website).

Draft a new message, then select PoliteMail > Personalization and choose the field you want to insert.

The field text is inserted into your message and the data will be replaced (merged) when you Send.

When you choose a personalization field, text is inserted into your email message such as “Hi [RecipientFirstName]:”.  Like any other text in your message, you may cut and paste, modify the appearance (font, size and color), or edit the “Hi” to “Hello” or “Dear” by retyping.

Note: Do not edit or change the personalization field name within the square brackets  (e.g. “[RecipientFirstName]”). When sending to a PoliteMail mailing list you may use any combination of personalization fields within your email message. Note however, when there is no corresponding data for a particular contact, it will be left blank.

Personalization is limited on Outlook Distribution Groups. When sending to Outlook Distribution Groups, Outlook Contacts or addresses you have typed into the To: field, PoliteMail has access to only the First NameLast Name, and Email fields. If you use a personalization field such as Title or Company, but have not imported the data into a PoliteMail mailing list, then it will be left blank.

Click here to learn how to create custom fields for personalization.


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