Adding Images to a Message with Add Image

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For a video tutorial on how to Add Images to templates, click here

Here’s how to Add an Image:

Select Outlook > New Email > PoliteMail > Add Image and choose Add Image from the bottom of the drop-down

Select your image file and click Open.  Your image will now appear in the body of your email.

To change the alignment of an image and it’s text wrap, click on the icon to the top right of the selected image to access additional text wrap and sizing options.


The image will automatically be saved in the Content Library. Any images you have previously used will be available for reuse within the drop down of the Add Image. You may also share saved images with other users in your account. See this article for sharing content.

Note: Images that are pasted or added via Outlook’s Insert Picture will be embedded into your email message.  When sending to recipients not using Outlook or accessing messages on mobile devices, these embedded images may appear as attachments at the bottom of the message.  Using the PoliteMail Add Image feature will ensure your recipients can view the photos, as well as keeping your email size small.

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