Adding A Simple Survey Or Poll

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From the PoliteMail ribbon, select Feedback.

Select which type of survey you would like to use.


Type your question into the Question text box that pops up.


Click Add.

You will receive a pop up that asks if you would like to make the survey a poll. Select Yes or No.

If using the poll function, the message recipient can see the vote tally immediately after clicking on the poll link within the message and will be able to change their response.


The survey or poll will be added to your message.

To change the text for the question or any of the answers, place your cursor within the text you want to change, right-click and select Edit Hyperlink.

Change the Text to Display field at the top of the menu.

Select OK.

Note: DO NOT change the Address at the bottom of the Edit Hyperlink menu. It will break the PoliteMail link.

To view the results of your sent survey or poll:

Select Results > Messages

Locate the sent message and double-click on the line to bring up the metric report

Scroll to the bottom of the report to view the survey/poll results

Survey Results

If you need a more complex survey, you can always set up a survey in an online application such as Survey Monkey and then add the link to your message. This will provide you with the click data in your metrics report and additional information would be captured by the survey application.

Note: Message recipients can change a survey or poll answer at any time and the results will adjust accordingly. This won’t count as an additional vote, it will simply override their previous answer.

Sending PoliteMail

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