Server Connection/Setup

I am unable to connect to the server even though I know that my credentials are correct, why is this happening?

Make sure the Windows Authenticate box in the Server Connection window is unchecked.  For detailed instructions on how to do this, refer to this article: Server Connection

I am getting an invalid credential error, what do I do to fix this?

In order to resolve this issue, try clearing the Internet Explorer cache and restarting Outlook using these steps: How to Clear Your IE Cache

How do I send from a different email other than my personal email, I can’t find the “From” option to change it?

In order to perform this task, you will want to go to: Outlook>New Email>Options>From

This should generate the From tab above the To tab where you should see your email address.

You will want to click the From tab then click Other Email Address where you can enter the email address you are looking to have it sent from.  This article will further help you understand the From field Choosing the From Field from Global Address List

My PoliteMail Toolbar has disappeared from Outlook; how do I get it back?

To get the PoliteMail Toolbar back, you’ll need to enable add-ins.  There are different steps depending on which version of Outlook you are using.  This article outlines the steps: PoliteMail is Missing

How do I transfer data to a new user without losing their information?

Place a checkmark next to the name of the contact you want to migrate.  Click the X at the top of the menu.

Now you will get a pop-up window asking if you’d like to migrate or delete the user.  We always recommend migrate in order to keep data and content intact.  Once you click Migrate, you’ll be prompted to enter in the name of the user you are migrating data to.

 Adding, Replacing, and Deleting Users

How do I do a password reset for the users?

Go to Outlook>PoliteMail>Settings>Users

Double click the user you are looking to update the password for. You will click on the button next to password that says “Reset.” 

Once you have saved this you can provide the new password to the user and have them try logging in again.

I am having display issues with my emails; how do I fix this?

This issue is often related to the text scaling setting on your machine.  If your text scaling is over 100%, pictures will look fine in the draft, but when sent, they appear differently.  When creating templates, it’s recommended to set your text scaling to 100%.  This article has more information: Text Scaling

What is the difference between a migrating, transferring, and deleting a user?

Migration allows you to transfer a user’s data and results without having to delete that user. Let’s say Sally is the HR Director and she’s getting a promotion to Internal Comms Manager. Joe will be taking over Sally’s job. You want Joe to have access to all of Sally’s templates, results, etc. You want Sally to continue using PoliteMail, but want metrics in her new role. In this user case, you would migrate the data to Joe. Sally would retain her license and could begin gathering metrics from her emails as the new Internal Comms Manager.

When you transfer a license, you are just giving the same license to a different user. The original user will no longer have access to their content.   This also saves you from using up another license.

Deleting a user will permanently delete all content owned by that user. This is not recommended if the user has valuable information stored.

Where is the PoliteMail Management Console?

If you have a Cloud account, you will need to contact to enable it. If you have an on-prem account your IT staff should have access to it.