Sending PoliteMail

How do I get the custom fields inserted into my emails?

Make sure you have Anonymous or Individual Tracking on.  This will put unique tracking information into each email for each person you are sending to.

When I delete an email in Scheduled Sends will the email still go out?

When you delete an email from the PoliteMail > Campaigns > Scheduled Sends page, it will prevent the email from going out.

My templates/messages are not saving my preferred font styles.

This can be caused either by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) being enabled, or your preferred font needs to be added to the Styles menu.  This article covers both issues: Fonts Not Saving

Why do my Images look fine on my computer but not on other machines when they received my email?

This behavior is often due to the text scaling setting on your machine.  Refer to the steps in this article: Image Sizing and Layout Alignment Issues

Can I recall an email?

To “recall” a message you will need to stop mail flow and clear the emails out of the queue. This can be performed by a PoliteMail user with Admin privileges.  Please see this article below on how to perform this: Stopping an Email Message in Progress
Please note some message may deliver due to the speed at which the messages are replicated and sent, however if you use this feature you will be able to minimize the damage from the message.

How do I assign multiple emails to a Campaign?

To get a complete report of all your results you will want to go to: Outlook>PoliteMail>Results>Messages
Once you see all your messages you can hit Ctrl and click on all the messages you want included. After the messages are highlighted that you want to bulk together you will want to click Actions>Add to Campaign and then choose which Campaign to add these messages to.

How do I change the Opt-Out feature?

Go to PoliteMail > Settings > Opt-Out (Subscription in version 4.9+).  You can use the opt-out feature either for an individual email using the drop-down menu under the yellow PoliteMail flag, or you can have it set so every time you email through PoliteMail it has Opt-Out footer.  You can change this by going to PoliteMail>Settings>Preferences and checking Enable Opt-Out (Enable Subscription in version 4.9+). You can read more about the Opt-Out feature here: Opt-Out Feature in PoliteMail

Images are not displaying on mobile devices. How do I prevent Outlook from automatically embedding them?

First, make sure you are using PoliteMail’s Add Image feature. This will place your images into your email as an HTML reference, instead of embedding them. If the images are still showing up as attachments, then Outlook may be set to “Always Embed Images”. Go to PoliteMail > Account Settings >Preferences and make sure Embed Images with Message is UNCHECKED. If it has been turned on (checked), you’ll need to uncheck the box and then restart Outlook for it to take effect. If you are still experiencing issues, you might need to adjust some settings in the Windows registry. You can read more about this here: Prevent Outlook From Embedding Images

How do I add Open Visibility icons?

Open Visibility is located in the Feedback menu. You can either add the block of all the icons, or you can use the Page Views menu to add the icons one at a time

Where are Open Visibility icons placed within my message?

The icons are placed wherever the cursor is placed within your email message or template. If you leave the cursor in the Subject line of the email and then select Open Visibility, the icons will be placed at the very top of the email. This is helpful for placing the icons at the very top of templates. You can add them to the top of an email, the bottom, or anywhere in the middle.

How do I determine Expected Read Time before I send out the email?

Use PreFlight Test Send to get the expected read time.

When using Social Advocacy, will recipients be able to share stories from an intranet site?

Yes. As long as there is a valid https:// address, Social Advocacy will work.

Add Image is not showing anything in the pull-down menu, even though I have added a large amount of images

Due to a limitation within Outlook, the Add Image pull-down menu can only display 999 results.  If there are 1000 images loaded into the content library, the Add Image pull-down menu will appear blank.  Clearing some lesser used items out of your Content Library and getting the total number count under 999 will alleviate this issue.