Metrics and Reporting

How do I pull administrative reports?

Click on: PoliteMail Tab > Results > Account

Only some of my contacts are showing up in the metrics report.

Setting the ownership to All Users will ensure that you and everyone in your Group will see the metrics for all the contacts you sent messages to.

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What is the difference between using PoliteMail’s Appointment Tracking and Outlook Calendar?

Appointment Tracking allows you to use PoliteMail’s features such as Smart Attachments, Add Image, and Personalization. Using Individual Tracking, the user can also get detailed metrics on who has responded, who has not responded, and who is still pending. The user can target these recipients and send them follow up emails, documents, etc. You can also track clicks and engagements within the Metrics report, so, for example, if you add links and attachments, you can see who has clicked and engaged with them.