Scheduling tracked messages to send at specific date and time

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The Scheduled Send feature in PoliteMail allows users to schedule a tracked message to be sent at a future date and time. The message gets sent from Outlook and is then held securely within the PoliteMail Server before it is released at the scheduled date/time. PoliteMail does not require the sender of the email message to be online at the time of release.

To Schedule a tracked message for future release, compose the message in Outlook, then select the PoliteMail Button > Schedule Send*

Scheduled send

  1. In the Schedule Send Dialog box check Do not deliver before. Select the date and time for PoliteMail to start the send.

Select Save. Click Send from Outlook. 

NOTE: This will send your message to the PoliteMail server.  You must hit SEND or the message will remain a draft.

In version 4.6 of PoliteMail, Scheduled Send can be found under the PoliteMail tab in the message window, on the right side of the ribbon.

To Access the Scheduled message:

  1. Select the PoliteMail tab within your Outlook window
  2. Select Campaigns > Scheduled Sends
  3. You should see a line item for the Scheduled Message – click to select the message
  4. If you scroll to the right you will see an Edit button that will allow you to edit the message subject line, scheduled date and time, and/or from line. If you make any changes be sure to scroll back over to the right and click on Update to save your changes
  5. With the message selected you can also send a Preflight Test Send or delete the scheduled send by clicking on the X to the right of Actions

Sending PoliteMail

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