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The PoliteMail API is an ODATA Service using the RESTful architecture

The PoliteMail Server application provides an Application Programmers Interface (API) which allows you to create programs to utilize PoliteMail functions, without the PoliteMail for Outlook client.

Common uses include uploading lists and content (templates), sending tracked email, or downloading email metrics reports for display or use in other applications.

The API supports standard HTTPS methods (e.g. GET, PUT, POST, DELETE).

The media type used is often JSON, but can be any other valid Internet media type (e.g. XML, Atom, etc.).

Once the API Service* is activated for your account, the base URI for accessing the PoliteMail API will be: https://(YourPoliteMailServer)/ssv3/

Note that the ODATA functionality also enables you to connect to PoliteMail data using Excel PowerView or PowerBI.

To connect to your PoliteMail server via ODATA use:
https:// (Insert PoliteMail Server Name) /ssv3/odata

Service metadata can be viewed at:
https:// (Insert PoliteMail Server Name) /ssv3/odata/$metadata

See the PoliteMail API Entity Directory for documentation.


* Please check with your Account Representative for the cost to access API.

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