Inserting videos in tracked messages

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Note: Outlook doesn’t currently allow videos to be embedded to play within an email message, but you can use PoliteMail’s “Add Image” feature to add a video thumbnail to your email and hyperlink it to a hosting site where your video content resides. PoliteMail will automatically create a tracked URL which will record the clicks for your sent message.

We recommend finding an image that appears to be a playable video. You may want to use a screen capture from the online video site or have a creative designer provide an image with a play button.


Add the image and video link within your message:

Position your cursor where you want to add the image, go to the PoliteMail tab and choose “Add Image” to insert as a PoliteMail referenced image.


Right-click on the image and choose Link > Paste the video link into the Address field > OK


Be sure to send yourself a Preflight Test Send to check the links before sending – see article.


Note: If you have difficulty with the PoliteMail referenced link to the video (locally hosted videos), you may want to change the link so that it isn’t tracked – see this article.

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