How to set-up your server system to run PoliteMail Server software

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PoliteMail In-House Server License Implementations

PoliteMail Server System Set-up Guide

When installating a PoliteMail Server system in-house behind your firewall, your IS team will need to setup a Windows IIS Server (VM or dedicated) and connect to a SQL Server database (or allocate space on the corporate cluster).

Once the systems are prepared, you may run the PoliteMail Server installer on the Windows IIS Server machine, and the installer will create the necessary SQL databases.

This pdf file explains how to set-up and configure your systems prior to installing the PoliteMail Server software.

Download the PoliteMail System Pre-requisite Guide

PoliteMail Cloud Services Implementation

PoliteMail Corporate Account Set up Guide

When utilizing a cloud hosted PoliteMail Server system, there are just a few things your IS team needs to do to enable the PoliteMail Server to communicate effectively with your Outlook/Exchange infrastructure.

This pdf file explains how to set-up and configure your systems to connect with your PoliteMail Corporate Cloud Services Account.

Download the PoliteMail Corporate Cloud Services Account Set-up Guide

Getting Started

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